this is huge!

Something HUGE has landed in Jamaica and you can be a part of the growth.

you may begin for free but ...


Allow me to make a very long story short. Last year (2016) I decided to get back into network marketing with a much more positive attitude; to finally settle down and succeed in the industry as others are doinging. That search led me to a website that tracks development in the industry.

It was then that I learned that the TOP EARNERS in network marketing are from a company called One Life. I decided to do a comparison and choose a company to promote. I chose Jeunesse for a number of exciting reasons, including the fact that, unlike One Life, it is available to persons in the United States, and it was not controversial. (Yes, OneLife is controversial - some claim it is a pyramid scheme, which is really ridiculous. Anyhow, I did not want to have anything to do with anything controversial).

But still, I kept on following up the MLM info website to see the company is growing in strength. On Wednesday, June 28, I was invited to a meeting where I happened to listen to the second highest earner in the industry (globally) who said he also rejected it because HE THOUGHT it was a pyramid scheme. Since he got over that fear, he has moved on to earn US$1.9 million per month.

He came to Jamaica for a vaction, but still spared a little time to do two pesentations: one in Kingston and the other in Montego Bay. The BIGGEST thing in network marketing has come to Jamaica, and you have the opportunity to get in on it and ride a wave that is going to be HUGE.

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